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WEAK13 - You Don’t Love Me (Official Video) in HD (by nickweak13)

Directed by film maker Martyn Kilvert.

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The making of the music music video You Don’t Love Me for British band WEAK13. This page contains behind the scenes photos and info about the production directed by Martyn Kilvert and produced by Nick J.Townsend. It was completely filmed at a rehearsal and live recording studio called Base Studios which is located in Stourbridge England. It was a very fun project and this blog describes some of the hard work behind the scenes that went into making the final music video happen. weak13 you don't love me

One of the most funniest scenes in the You Don’t Love Me music video for British band WEAK13 was the mock fight sequence involving band members Nick J.Townsend (frontman & Guitarist) and drummer Neel Parmar vs alternative models Raven Brookes and Roze Thorn. The music video You Don’t Love Me for British band WEAK13 was filmed at a rehearsal and live recording studio called Base Studios which is located in Stourridge England. The photos here were taken by photographer David Morley. The finished music video can be seen here on YouTube

This music video You Don’t Love Me for British band WEAK13 was filmed in 2011, produced by myself (Nick J.Townsend) and directed by young filmmaker Martyn Kilvert. It was all shot in one day and it was such a challenge. I had to gather about 80 people of different looks, who were all notified 30 days leading up to the shoot, to meet up at one location within a 3 hour period. The location was Base Studios in Stourbridge England. The music video had to be filmed infront of a real crowd and then inbetween takes a boxing ring was assembled next to the stage where a mock fight club style boxing match took place. Most of the extras cast for the music video were either musicians, models or close friends of the band. It was a very talented crowd as some big names in UK underground music were on set to make cameo appearences in the music video. These include band members of Eight Great Fears, Left For Red, Mudball, Through The Ruins and Last Judgement. Plus solo artists and diva’s Becky Rose and Laura Broad. There were many British alternative models on set including Raven Brookes and Roze Thorn, plus a real Dominatrix by the name of Mistress Satine. It was a fun day on set and I think the music video shows a lot of that.

There was also a guest appearence at the beginning of the music video from USA radio broadcaster Annie Christ who does an intro for the band music video. In the crowd of the music video was another radio broadcaster, Andy O’Hare from the BBC.

Fun mock-Live music video by WEAK13 Directed by Thomas Lee Rutter. Music by WEAK13 - Nick J.Townsend, Neel Parmar & Wesley Smith. WATCH MORE WEAK13 on Guest appearence by Violet Raven.

British Rock Band WEAK13 go to Base Studios in England and do a live anaolgue recording of their song ‘YOU DON’T LOVE ME’ in just one take. Recorded by Live analogue engineer Ian ‘CRAZY MULE’ at the music complex BASE STUDIOS in Stourbridge (United Kingdom)

Live Analogue recording engineer Ian ‘CRAZY MULE appears in the video as himself. He works at Base Studios and is always interested in recording bands in his LIVE room. Bands can book him on +44(0)7976843718. 

Also in the video is a special guest appearence by alternative model VIOLET RAVEN who has been a strong supporter of the band WEAK13 and was delighted to be involved. This video was directed in a short space of time by young film maker THOMAS LEE RUTTER ( who is also responsible for the UK Midland film club FILM ADDICTS which promotes independent films. He has previously directed the WEAK13 music video D.N.A. and has made many of his own independent films.

British band WEAK13 have released many music videos underground and have previously worked with filmmakers MARTYN KILVERT, CHRIS STONE, TOBY HOARE and WAYNE DAVIES.

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